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PC Global Wave Statistics

PC Global Wave Statistics is a personal computer database for those who need fast convenient access to wind and wave statistics for the oceans of the world. First released in 1988, Global Wave Statistics is now being used by naval architects, offshore engineers, towage contractors, ship operators, oceanographers and meteorologists in 18 countries.

It has an optional regional wind and wave database covering the Northern European Continental Shelf.

The wind and wave data contained in the WORLDWIDE and EUROPEAN databases derives from visual observations reported by merchant vessels of the Voluntary Observing Fleet. But this data has been quality controlled and quality enhanced by BMT's well-validated NMIMET procedure. Visual observations are a globally homogeneous set of wind/wave observations with a long observational history giving reliable climatic statistics, and BMT's quality-enhancing NMIMET process has demonstrated good agreement with long-term instrumental records around the world.


Worldwide Database

The worldwide database covers the oceans of the world with 104 sea areas. The data from each sea area is split down into four seasons of the year (plus the whole year), and 8 directional sectors (plus all directions). Thus the database contains 4680 separate datasets.

Analyses of the data in each dataset can yield:

The programs provide many different ways of presenting the data in tabular and graphical form, and the data may also be output to an ASCII file for input to users' application programs.

Response Program

The suite also includes a response program which enables the climate statistics to be combined with user-supplied response amplitude operators to yield statistics of long term response for ships or offshore structures.

Regional Databases

The EUROPEAN database covers the European continental shelf with 31 sea areas. Whilst the worldwide database covers these areas, the database provides greater geographical resolution and is ideal for those whose operations or interests lie mainly in European waters.

Bespoke Databases

The database structure implemented in PC GLOBAL WAVE STATISTICS version 2.23 facilitates the loading of client's own data into the system. This enables proprietary data to be stored, analysed and presented in all the same ways. There are no restrictions on data source, and several alternative raw or smoothed storage formats are available.

For more details, please contact us at: enquiries@bmtfm.com.