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Global Wave Statistics

Global Wave Statistics provides nearly worldwide coverage of wave climate in 104 sea areas, and an additional database providing smaller sea areas for the North European Continental Shelf. Based on 130 years of ship visual observations to provide a stable climatic average, the data has been quality enhanced by the well established NMIMET process.

Global Wave Statistics Sea Areas

Global Wave Statistics provides average climate data for relatively large sea areas and is ideal for a low cost first look at the conditions to be expected in a given area. BMT is also able to provide wind wave and current data for much more specific locations based upon satellite and hindcast data. Click here for more details.

Registered users can select the specific sea areas of interest to them, and have the wave climate data for these specific areas immediately available at a cost of only (GBP) £150 per area (excluding VAT). Once you have purchased the data it remains available to you, and you may return and re-examine the data in different ways.

To get a better idea of what Global Wave Statistics Online can offer, look through the Help Pages. These describe the various web pages and data presentations available. They also give information on how the data was obtained, and what analysis has been performed.

To get started and obtain your free data for one sea area (of our choice), simply complete the registration process using the registration button on this page. You will then be able to evaluate the system before purchasing your data.

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