Frequently Asked Questions

How do I try Global Wave Statistics Online?

To try out using Global Wave Statistics Online, please complete the online registration process. Registration is completely free, and no credit card details are required.

Registration provides access to data for one free sea area. You have to complete a "Purchase" proceedure and agree to our terms and conditions, but there is no charge. You can then see all the different data presentations that are available.

Where is the free sea area?

The free sea area is an area of our choice (area 25), located in the central Atlantic. It will be outlined in Orange on the map when you first logon. Click on this area to start the free "Purchase" proceedure to gain access to the data for this area.

Why does the credit card receipt show two areas when I only purchased one?

If you purchase data for a sea area of interest to you, without having first reviewed the free sea area, then the free sea area is automatically included in your first purchase. However there is no charge for this free sea area.

Can you provide data for a specific location or time?

Global Wave Statistics only provides data for pre-defined sea areas, and averaged over a long period of time. BMT is able to provide data for specific locations or times from other data sources. Click here for more details.

What period does the data cover?

Global Wave Statistics data is derived from 130 years of ship visual observations (1854-1984). For more details see the Help Files for more details.